How to Find Out the Owner of a Business

Finding the owner of a business can be quite easy if you know what to do and where to look at.

There are lots of resources as well as research strategies that can enable you to find out the owner of a business.

There are lots of resources as well as research strategies when it comes to finding the right owner of a small business or even for large corporations. You can even find the list of names of who are on the top management or the officers of the company. They can begin with relatively easy and simple steps with free sources of data and information regarding the business itself. Then, up to those hard-to-accomplish tasks that also uses free sources or commercial databases. They are very easy to follow but require patience to finish.

Steps to Find Out the Owner of a Business

First is to call the company. You can call the company by looking up its number on the telephone directory online or on the local directory. You can ask them who owns the business. Then, you can also check the website of the company. Today, many small businesses do not have a website but you can always check them. If you can find a website, look for the contact or about link. You can sometimes see the upper management’s name and even the name of the owner of the business here.

Another is by checking the Better Business Bureau. BBB often has the data of a company even when it is not a member of BBB. However, you should remember that the main contact may not be the company’s owner. The title of the person often comes with the name. Also, the timelines of the data maybe an issue so take note about the date when it was filed to make sure. Next is that you can search the database of the state where the business is registered. All states can provide you with information about the businesses who registered to do their thing in the state. Another way is to search on social networks or call the local agency that is responsible for giving license to the business.

There are also commercial databases which are easy to use and are cheap. You can access those restricted or those subscription based systems and search for the company name that you are looking for from the home page. Just be aware that there are websites selling records that are free to the public to use. The method that you will choose when finding the owner of a certain business depends on how much time and money you can spend.f


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