How to Farm Ecto

According to some farmers the ideal place to farm ecto is in the Under World.

You should observe some farming guides that can help you do the task. You should also know how to farm ecto the right manner.

If you are playing Fissure of Woe you will become familiar of how to farm ecto. Usually, the farming takes place in the Under World wherein 2 out of 8 monsters drop an ecto. Dropping of ecto is more frequent when you get Shards. Many people use money to purchase ecto and they do not usually farm in the Fissure of Woe and Under World. Instead, they farm for items that they can sell for gold that they need to buy ecto as well as shards.

What is Ecto Farming?

Farming is a sort of clearing all over the area of the game in order to gather gold, other items and loot. You can do farming either or duo. In solo farming all the dropped ectos and shards are obtained by the farmer who wants the loot. The good thing about getting more loot is that you can be wealthier because the loot splits in several pieces in such a way that you can obtain more drops and gold. On the other hand, as you spire for more ectos you will need to sacrifice other items. That is to be able to get great deal of ectos and shards while solo you should give more time in the Fissure of Woe. If you want to use ectos for trades you need not hunt for them. Rather you can just wave gold to other farmers and you can easily trade off ectos.

How to farm?

The reason why many people want to farm ecto is because of its price. You can trade ecto for about 8K that is why you can have the chance to make a raw benefit of 7K. Likewise, ectos are not only for armor purposes as you can use it for currency trading. However, you need to consider few things when farming for ecto. Keep in mind that profitability depends on your speed in farming as well as the accessibility of finding ecto. That is why before you engage in the game make sure that you have enough knowledge about the game. Likewise, you need to know some techniques to be successful in finding ecto. In this way you can have the opportunity not only to gather more gold but at the same time become wealthier.
Before you engage in the Under World and Fissure of Woe, determine your purpose why you want to obtain more ecto. Keep always in mind that it is hard and expensive to collect ecto and shards. That is why you should be wise in farming ecto so that you will not waste your earnings and gold.


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