How to Catch Ants for Ant Farm

Having an ant farm is one of the most fun ways on how you will be able to learn more about their niche and biological structure. If you love ants and you are currently planning to build your own ant farm, then you need to get acquainted with the how-tos in doing it.

By reading this article, you will learn the most effective ways on how to catch these ants that will be used for your ant farm.

In putting up an ant farm, the things you need are ant farm kit, ant sources, sugar water and a jar with a lid. These things will enable you to catch ants without much hassle and trouble. In catching ants, the very first thing you need to know is their colony. With this, you will surely be having a big catch.

Tips on Catching Ants for Ant Farm

After you were able to find an ant colony, make sure that what you will catch are large, black ants. What you need to stay away from are red ants because they are considered as fire ants which can give a very nasty sting. The wooden areas are ideal places where to look for any colonies. You can also try to go outdoors and follow some ants to their homes.

Next, you have to make use of the things which you have prepared a while ago. You have to mix the sugar water with water in the jar that has lid. This is used in order for the ants to be drowned. The reason why sugar is the chosen ingredient is because ants love sweets. If they smell the sweetness of the sugar, they will be enticed to investigate the jar with lid. You also need not to find it hard for ants to find where the sugar is by dipping your finger into the sugar water solution and then running your finger inside and outside the jar.

Just leave your jar opened near your chosen ant colony for several hours and wait for ants to come into it. Upon returning, you will just be surprised seeing lots of ants inside your jar. Cover back the jar and place them all to your ant farm. Do you think you need to have more ants? Then all you have to do is repeat the procedure in trapping more of them. If you will put back the jar in the previous place where you have put it before, it really would not take long before second batch of ants to be caught.

Before you add another batch of ants in your ant farm, you need to put it first in the ref for a couple of minutes. This must be done in order to slow down the movement of the ants without harming them that much.


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