How to Operate a Farm Tractor

Knowing how to drive farm tractor properly can help avoid accidents. Using the tractor in the farm reduces the tedious work and eventually offers more time enjoying other activities.

In this sense, you should know the safety precautions when using the farm tractor.

Improper use of farm tractor is one of the major causes of deaths related to farm works. According to study, almost 800 people died every year because of tractor accidents and other s re injured. There are several ways of tractor accident such as falls of both the operators as well as extra riders. That is why if you are using the farm tractor during the cropping months make sure that you have the proper knowledge in operating the equipment.

Know the Operation

Before you decide to let anyone operate the farm tractor you need to ensure that the individual knows how to operate the machine. Never let anyone operate the tractor without proper training otherwise it might lead to accident. It is vital to follow the safety rule to ensure that the operator is physically fit, trained and qualified to operate the farm tractor. To ensure safety a new operator can practice using the farm tractor without attaching the equipment. Make sure that you have at least one member of the family who is trained to operate the tractor. In this way, the trained individual can assist other individuals in operating the machine. Proper demonstration of the procedure is necessary as well as explains how each element of the machine operates. On the other hand, after the demonstration the trainer should allow the new operator to operate the machine. Yet close supervision is required and give instructions when needed.

Maintenance Inspection

Before operating the farm tractor see to it to check first if it works well. Keep in mind that there are many factors that alter the safety and reliability of the machine. That is why it is essential to perform pre-operational check up to ensure safe operation. Keeping the tractor in good working condition can help prevent possible accidents. Ensure to keep always at hand the operating manual. See to it that each operator should read and understand the information written the manual. By following the operating precautions as well as following the recommendations, accidents will be avoided. Likewise, the operator should wear the appropriate clothing and gears when operating the farm tractor.
Safe refueling

Another accident that is associated to farm tractor is fire and explosions. Keep in mind that when refueling there is a great risk as you will handle gasoline. As a safety measure, you should never refuel the machine while the engine is running. Otherwise, static electricity would generate a spark and worst lead to fire. To reduce the static electricity, you should drop a mounted wire in the equipment to the ground.

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