How to Build a Tow Dolly

Car tow dollies are considered to be the best way on towing vehicle. This is basically characterized as only the front two wheels are on the dolly and the other two wheels stay on the ground only.

Car tow dollies are not the same as trailers which are usually used for towing certain vehicles.

Why it is effective?

Tow dolly is effective for the reason that you can have the chance to carry a certain vehicle without the need to use the trailer. In fact, it is now becoming a most widely used means to tow a vehicle. Towing is important especially after an accident or the car suddenly stops in the middle of the road.

  • Things you need for Building a Tow Dolly

Included in the things that you need to build your tow dolly are axle, two wheels, angle plate steel (30 feet and 2x2, 1/8-inch thick), box steel (15 feet and 2x3), wood (8 feet and 2x12), two inch trailer coupler, two inch trailer, trailer lights, two safety chains, saw, wrench, two carriage bolts and sprinkler pipe. These materials can be purchased in the nearest hardware supply store in your area.

  • Building Tips of Tow Dolly

First thing to do is to take axle measurements wherein axle tube come together with the leaf spring mounts and chop the axle by using saw. Slide axle haves over the three foot long sprinkler pipe and connect the axle into the pipe. Then cut the two pieces of angle steel and connect it into the side of car tow dolly in order to create a stand for tow dolly. You need to create two portions of angle steel that will suit both on the top and bottom of tow dolly. Primarily this measurement may vary depends on axle. These twp slides must be weld together.

In addition, you will also need someone to help you build a tow dolly because you will not easily construct it without the help. Consulting someone who already know or an expert on building tow dolly can also be beneficial He can help you the tips on how you can able to build toy dolly. After building a tow dolly, you can now use it on how you can able to tow a car. In fact, it is an ideal means if you want to have a towing business. You can now already save a lot when you use tow dolly. Furthermore, of course you need to maintain it, so that it will have a longer life. You need to have a proper checkup and maintenance with these equipments too. So, build your tow dolly now for successful car towing.


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