How to Become Train Driver

Are you looking for a decent job and one of your prospects is becoming a train driver?

If you have great knack in driving and to drive a train is one of your ambition then we will provide you the railroad to your success as we give you some pieces of advice on how to become a train driver that you are aspiring for.

Becoming a Train Driver as a Vocation

The transportation industry is one of the oldest industries in the world where people get used to travel in different places and destinations; and the industry needs drivers to run the buses, planes, ships, trucks, and trains. Among the types of transportation vehicles, the train has higher demands for drivers. Becoming a train driver is a very decent job to undertake since the qualifications are not as rigid compared to other professions who are acquiring with degree holders. A train driver is not required to finish college; at least a high school graduate can apply for the job. According to recent statistics, it is forecasts that about 9 percent will be the increase in the demand for train drivers in a period of ten years from now. So if you want to belong to these aspirants then let us show you the railroad on how to become a train driver as a vocation for you.

Requirements to Become Train Driver

If you aspire to become a train driver, you need to know first the tasks involve in the job. A train driver is responsible for the welfare and safety of the passengers as well as the delivery of goods in a particular destination. And not only that, train drivers are also considered as locomotive engineers which requires him to make safety checks all the time.

Aside from the functions, a train driver is also required to possess such good traits like being responsible and good observation skills. A train driver should be responsible in making his decisions and must be observant and attentive at all means. Imagine that there are hundreds of passengers inside a train and your main mission is to bring them safely on their destinations. Although a little bit of knowledge in engineering is also required but a training program is on hand to those qualified aspirants. In fact, before you become a train driver you will be assigned first in lower positions like a train worker to familiarize other tasks. Afterwards, you will be promoted for the next position as train conductor. After several assessments by the train operator, they will decide if you will fit to become a train driver and they are willing to spend on your formal training that may range from 6 months up to 18 months, a combination of classroom and practical application.

Once you’re done on your formal training, you are required to pass series of test such as hearing, vision, skills performance, medical fitness, and safety back ground check as well. After passing the tests, you will practice driving a train using simulator and under supervision of the training supervisor.


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