How much do Taxi Drivers Make

Taxi driving is a service business applicable in any place. However, do you know how much do taxi drivers make? Apparently, the income of a taxi driver depends on two reasons such as from the fare and from the tip.

Whatever the source of the income of a taxi driver, it is difficult to determine if it is economically reasonable or not.

Generally, the income of a taxi driver depends on the location of the route. First thing to consider is the location because different states have different rate of fare. An example of this is driving a taxi in New York. The rate of fare is regulated by the government. Nevertheless, there are two sources in which taxi drivers derive their income. One is from the fare and the other source is from tips or gratuities. However, the tip depends on the services rendered by the taxi driver to his client. In this sense, it is safe to say that different taxi drivers earn different amount. Yet, the net expected amount less than the expenses range from $200 to $350 per shift.

Key Variables

Some of the key variables that make the difference of the income include the time per shift, the skill, endurance, gasoline, time spent cruising and luck. In this sense, if you want to gain more income you should be smart in cruising for customers. You should develop strategies on how you can get more customers. You should know where and when to go in a specific location and passengers destination. It is also important to plan where to drive the taxi where you can obtain more income from the fare. The best places that have greater demand for taxi service are transportation terminals, theaters, hotels and convention centers.

Obviously, you can get more customers by providing good service. Make sure that you are conscientious of providing comfort and value to your customers. Definitely, a taxi driver would not always open the taxi door to his client due to some reasons. But as much as possible it is necessary to practice this because it is one term of revenue for taxi driver. When a customer is satisfied with the service he or she will surely give tip or gratuities to the taxi driver.

Moreover, another aspect that can increase the earning of a taxi driver is by reducing the expenses. You can reduce the expenses by conserving gasoline. This implies with the cruising for customers. If you will roam around while looking for customers definitely you will spend much for the gasoline. It does not necessarily mean that taxi drivers should evade cruising. However, despite of the fact of earning money, taxi driver should not forget to maintain the rules and at the same time try something different that can help generate more income.


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