How to Become Patent Agent

A patent agent plays a vital role in the legality aspect of some of the business ventures. However, the PTO or Patent and Trademark Office of the United States is setting some requirements before you will become one.

If you are interested to become a patent agent, you have to read this article since this tackles more about the stipulations on how to become patent agent.

Before you become a patent agent, there are things or stipulations that you have to follow regarding on how to become patent agent. These steps will guide you towards the profession.

Navigate the Site of PTO

The first step that you have to do is to go to the official website of the Patent and Trademark office of the United States. Once you have successfully logged in to their site, you will see that there is a button for resources. After clicking this button, you will see the documents that have information regarding the patent bar general requirements. After navigating the site of the PTO, you need now to have a review of the possible lists of fields as well as degrees that you have to take. It is advised that you also check for the alternative suggested trainings for the field. Select a field that is related to becoming a patent agent.

Accomplishing Educational and Training Requirements

Right after you have earned information with regards to the documents in the site of PTO, the next stipulation now is to engage in a bachelor's degree according to the field of your choice. If there are alternative trainings that PTO suggests which you can take. Furthermore, you must now apply for the patent agent position in accordance to the right category based from the list of PTO. Moreover, make sure that you provide all the essential documents needed in order to prove that you have the right knowledge as well as skills that a patent agent must have. Examples of these are:

  • Diploma (if there is)
  • Training certificates

Schedule for Exam

Once you have already settled the necessary documents needed, you make now an appointment for you to take the bar examination for patent agents. In United States in particular, you can connect to the Thomson Prometric office in order to get an appointment. Since you are about to take examination that tests your skills and knowledge, see to it that you study and review the concepts under the Patent bar Examination. You can get some of the sample examination questions on the site of the PTO.

Other Requirements

Aside from passing the required documents, the next thing that you have to do is to provide proof that you are a legitimate citizen of the United States. Just in case you are an immigrant in the country, you have to supply documents that support your legality as alien. In addition to that, you also need to prove yourself against felony. Moreover, you need also to prove that you are a person with good moral standing and is eligible in taking the patent bar examination.


    (All the above fields are required.)