How to Become a Visual Merchandiser

Becoming a visual merchandiser is very important in the retail sector. They have become very essential in determining the success of a company.

In the aspect of the retail section, visual merchandising is very important.

This is because the competition for store or online shopping faces are getting bigger and bigger. Keep in mind that the look of your store is the main element to the identity of its brand and the potential success of the business. Visual merchandisers are very important in a retail business so there are many retail stores and chains that are very eager to hire their visual merchandiser team and be advantageous on the market.

The Roles of Permanent Visual Merchandiser

Major department stores and chains hire teams of visual merchandisers for the success of their company. Usually, the competition for hiring one visual merchandiser is fierce. The main role of a visual merchandiser is to control and create the look of the business store by maximizing the appeal of the business products visually in order to improve sales. Most of the retail stores today create a standard look for their layouts, windows, as well as displays in-store with just some variations according to seasons. Sometimes, there are also regional variations that are decided through data analyzing from different regions. This data consists of facts which of your products sell really well. The regional trends as well as seasonal demands are very important to a visual merchandiser. Creativity with commercial thinking is also very vital.

Most of these visual merchandisers further their education in this area however, there are only few degree courses dedicated for them so retail management or creative subjects HNDs are the two popular backgrounds for them. The junior VM (visual merchandiser) often begin on the retail organizations but there are rarely openings in this specific area. For example, you can help out during Christmas since this can be an excellent addition on your CV.

The Roles of Freelance Visual Merchandiser

The retail industries also have a lot of freelance visual merchandisers. Some of them can collect high fees since they have a track record of excellent work results. For those freelancers who are working on projects that are less coveted, building a portfolio is great. Major chains and stores often hire freelancers during Christmas and some other great seasons. If you have gain excellent reputation in your field, then you can collect fees at a higher range. Some major stores are very keen to improve and increase significantly their publicity especially for their store especially at Christmas time. This will give you great opportunity to work and earn money during this time of the year.


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