Becoming a Car Mechanic

Do you think that becoming a car mechanic is the right career for you? If you are fond of working for dirty jobs like a car mechanic do and you can work in different kinds of environment, then here are the steps on how to become a car mechanic and the requirements needed for this type of profession.

Due to ever-increasing production of cars every year, the demand for car mechanics also increases.

The job of car mechanics (also known as auto mechanics) is not only to repair cars but also to perform diagnostic tests and some maintenance works. Because the job is very sensitive and requires a lot of knowledge about car engines, every candidate who wants to be a car mechanic undergoes a lot of training and experiences before he became qualified for the profession. The work of a car mechanic also involves a lot of problem solving matters especially when checking on engine troubles. If you’re greatest dream is to become a car mechanic someday then allow us to be part of your dream as we give you the steps on how to become a certified car mechanic and become reputable on this rewarding career.

Since becoming a car mechanic is not as easy as you think of, you’re first step is to educate yourself about the world of automotive. The automotive industry has become more advanced these days due to the advancement of technology. Engines became more complicated compared to the previous car models, so even though you know the basics you still need to learn the latest technology. In addition, a car mechanic also handles heavy lifting and more physical works thus requiring for the candidate to be physically fit for the job.

What to Do?

In finding education about automotive mechanic, check out your local community colleges or vocational schools if they offer short term courses that familiarize the basics of automotive repair and maintenance which normally last for at least six months up to a year. An Associate degree program can also be available that usually takes two years to complete the course. While you are completing the course, take time to be involved in several on the job trainings to enhance your skills as a car mechanic. On the other hand, if you’re still in high school check with your school if they offer classes for automotive subjects and enroll in.

Furthermore, it is also advisable for a candidate to learn the different areas of automotive aside from the basic repair so there will be greater chances for you to get a job for this career. Working in service departments of car dealers and automotive shops will give you more experiences about the nature of the job. Your ultimate goal is to obtain an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. Once you acquired the certification it will be your gateway for better opportunities. Normally, the requirement for acquiring the ASE certification is at least two years experience in a particular area you specializes and pass a written exam.


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