How to Become a Casting Assistant

If you want to become a casting assistant, you should be a graduate of any relevant course/degree and you should have interest in acting or casting.

There are skills that you need to posses and if you find employment opportunities, you have to check the qualifications. If you’re qualified, go ahead and submit your resume.

Become a Casting Assistant

If you love watching TV shows and movies, you might be interested in becoming a casting assistant. All you have to do is find a casting office in your area and apply for the job. This profession involves performing duties in the office and assisting with related tasks. In most cases, employment is a on a project basis. For instance, you can become a casting assistant for a certain film but after the project, the contract also ends. In short, you’re a freelancer.

Casting agencies can be big or small. You will often work with casting associates and a director. A project can last for around ten weeks, and while you’re on the job, you shouldn’t stop in looking for other employment opportunities. You should be familiar with the job and the duties are usually dependent on the film’s budget. Your primary responsibility is to read the script and help your superiors to choose the right actors that fit the roles. If you become a casting assistant, you will also be in charge in contacting the agents of the actors to determine their availability. Up to date information should be provided to the director and this is also your task.

Duties and Skills Required

You will also need to perform typical office duties like answering emails, phones, faxes, making coffee or tea, liaising with certain couriers, and assist during casting sessions. During tests, you can be asked to operate the camera. When all the casts of the film have been contracted, your work is done. To become a casting assistant, you need to be a college graduate; with knowledge and passion for casting or acting. You can start gaining experience by working with talent agencies. You also need to be aware of the latest news on popular actors and possess confidence to work with ease with casting directors.

Make sure that you establish a goo reputation. If you’re hard working, you can easily get hired from one film to another. You should have exceptional communication skills, good memory, take direction, recognizes talent, possess organization skills, familiar with the health/safety legislation, and gives attention to details. If you have these skills, you can become an effective casting assistant. The qualifications may vary among casting offices but if you’ve taken up short courses and trainings, you can be at an advantage. Develop the skills mentioned above and when you’re ready, you can now look for employment opportunities. With the passion and drive, soon you can become a casting director.


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