Starting Aluminum Die Casting Business

Starting an aluminum die casting business is a business that is worth your time and money. Here are tips on how to start an aluminum die cast business.

Aluminum die casting is an industry that has been with us since 1838, definitely this is an industry that has made a lot of people rich.

If you are thinking of opening a business and is fond of aluminums then this is a must try business venture.

Create a dynamic business plan; this will be your key to success. A professional business plan maker is what you need to be able to do this. You can give inputs while doing your business plan. You can also brainstorm with your business partners while in the process of preparing your business plan if you are doing a partnership business.

This is a kind business that needs a lot of investment; machines are expensive so you will need a lot of start up capital. You may ask family and friends to be your business partner. Another way to avail of additional funding is by applying for a business loan from a bank or any financial institution. You will need to submit certain requirements before you can obtain a loan from these financial institutions. You just have to choose which of these financial institutions can offer you the best deal.

Where do you purchase the machines that you will need in your aluminum die casting business and what are the machines that you will need? There are two types of machine that you will need in this kind of business: cold-chamber machines and hot-chamber machine or the gooseneck machines. You can rely on the internet in searching for manufacturers of these machines. You can also use the yellow pages of telephone directories and start calling each one of the listed companies. After a thorough study of each companies and manufacturers of machines used for aluminum dies casting, choose from among them the best equipment suited for your business. You can also try refurbished machines though this would mean more maintenance than that of brand new machines.

Look for a place for your business. This kind of business will require a lot of space due to the machines that you will need to put up. You will also need small space for your administrative staffs where they can do paper works. If possible look for a place wherein there is less competition.

Permits and licenses are also needed for the operation of your business. You will be required to present to your local or state business licensing office your proposed means and ways on how you will handle environmental issues that may arise in the operation of your business. You will also be required to pay certain fees in applying for the licenses and permits that you will need.


  • abu said on November 28, 2014
    sir i am in madurai, tamilnadu how to starting aluminium die casting business
  • Prateek said on June 21, 2015
    I'm 19 and completed my first year of college. Interested in aluminum castings. What should be my first step?
  • kashiviswanadh said on July 26, 2016
    sir i am in andhara pradesh. i am complete mechanical engineering sir pls suggest me how to start aluminum die casting business
  • mohd arif said on December 24, 2016
    i have 6 years experience in aluminium die casting industries and i am looking for self die casting industries so please suggest me what a cost required for two machine installation
  • Khan said on March 14, 2020
    Hey actually want to know what will cost to own machines for the casting business
  • lokesh said on August 14, 2021
    I want to start an alumina diecast business. Please advise me and send me your watts sup no. thankyou


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