How to be an Information Broker

An information brokerage is a good profession. They are skilled in different areas combined and can give you a great chance in obtaining your needed information in an affordable and easy way.

An information broker or IB for short is a skilled professional in many combined areas who can offer you the best chance of getting your needed information and data.

Information brokers use the combination of offline, online, as well as physical researches methods so that they can obtain the requested information of their client while they remain within the budget affordable by their client.

Information Brokerage Services

There are many categories of information like law statistics, market research, scientific data, or real estate. Information brokerage services may include:

  • Background research on new concepts of certain products
  • Patent search on certain products that a company will launch
  • Researching on companies that are producing manufacturing related products as well as determining their prices
  • Finding out more about the new market
  • Researching about the competitors of the client
  • Searching real estate searches of titles, original cost, and annual liability on taxation
  • Finding financial data as well as results of surveys regarding to advertising and public relations
  • Conducting legal researches
  • Assisting on the medical researches of medical associations and even hospitals
  • Assisting on research projects of students
  • Tracing family histories available only on certain databases

Salary and Certificate

You will need no specific education degree and training for IB. However, there are many who obtain Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business in order to gain understanding on business strategies as well as market researches. They just usually start working in the business administration department such as medical research, law firms, public relation firms, marketing firms, or other companies that need research skills. It takes about $65,000 annual salary for information broker and since they are mostly self-employed, their salary can vary. It can depend on how many clients they have and also on their track record of experience. IB’s who work regularly for large companies and businesses can make more salary than IB’s working for smaller companies and also to newbie in this field.

Information brokers who are self employed are also responsible of buying their health insurance since they are not working with one company. They can also be working on vacation or sick time depending on the needs and size or workload and clients. However, they can have the flexibility and freedom since they are self employed and working without a boss. On the other hand, those working for companies as full time IB’s are provided with these benefits. However, they will be working as regular employee of the company and do not have the freedom or flexibility of doing their job like that of self-employed.


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