How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Florida

Bail bonds are delicately regulated in Florida. That is why if you want to become a bondsman, you should be familiar with the steps on how to become a bail bondsman in Florida.

To learn more about this, check out the steps in becoming one.

It would basically require you to accomplish educational and financial requirements. Other than that, there are some processes that one must follow in order to successfully become one.

Educational Prerequisites

The first thing that you should do is to finish a course that must have 120 hours in its entire span. The time requirement is usually mandated by the state of Florida and varies from any other states. The course or the degree will specifically instil to you practices as well as procedures regarding bail bondsmanship. Aside from that, this will also provide you with laws regarding to bail recovery and the services that you can and cannot render to your clientele. Aside from that basic course, you must also accomplish the approved correspondence course in Florida. There are fees that must be paid in taking this course. In order to know the exact amount that you will spend, you can contact the financial services of the Florida Department.

Accomplish Application and other Requirements

After you have finished the educational requirements, you may now get, fill up and pass the application for the temporary license for Limited Surety Agent. This will require for you to undergo background check. This will also require you to pass extra documents as per order by the state. But these additional papers that will be required for you changes yearly. This implies that you must update yourself every now and then. However, you will still receive the list of needed documents once you applied for the licensing exam. Then after that, you can now obtain a meeting with the insurance company. In order to know the companies that can be partnered with, you can try to search for it in the insurance page of Florida Department site.

Working Experience

Working or on the job training is also one of the major prerequisites of the licensing exam. So, make sure that you have ample span of experience together with a bail bondsman. But in choosing one, you must take into consideration that the bondsman is Florida licensed. However, you should take hold of your license before you accomplish this requirement.

Pass the Examination

Right after you have furnished the aforementioned requirements, it is now the time for you to pass the last examination. The application can be obtained from the Florida Department of Financial Services' promisor. This sector of the Florida licensing department will then give you notice as well as the schedule where you will take the examination. Make sure that before taking the examination, you are mentally as well as physically prepared. Just in case you think that you do not have the right amount of knowledge needed, devote some time in reviewing those important concepts that might appear in the examination.


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