How Much to Sell a Business For

Proper pricing of how much a business is worth is very crucial in terms if it’s marketable probabilities. In addition to that, proper calculation of its cost is needed.

In order to get points about that, you must start reading this article.

Fairness and concreteness is needed in measuring the value of a firm. Proper measurement of this will facilitate easy selling to those interested customers. Consequently, your investments will be easily recovered.

Effective Formula How to Sell a Business for

In calculating how much your business is worth, you must first take a look at its financial statements. This refers to the list of financial activities of your firm. This includes four main aspects namely: income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows as well as statement of retained earnings. The main reason why companies must make financial statements is that this serves as the determiner of its financial position, changes and performances. The qualities of a financial statement must be relevant, comparable, readily understandable and reliable. This serves as the foundation of how much you will price your business.

Then after you have identified the financial statements, you add now your interest to your net profit. According to sources, an interest is defined as the price that you have paid when you borrow money. Or the other way around, fund that were yielded by deposited money. Aside from that, you must also add the taxes that you have paid. Taxes are the enforced levy or charge that is being given to the government of a place or state. These must be measured in order for you to determine the exact investment that you have paid off. Moreover, these are one of the reasons that will guide you in estimating the worth of your business venture.

It does not end there, since you have also to include the amortization expenses. These are the expenditures that are distributed in many minute cash flows. This is another expense that you must consider to be part of the pricing of your business. There is a formula available in the net that you can use in calculating amortization expenses.

With the previously mentioned criteria, you can now compute for the total earnings of your firm. The values of the business on the other hand are influenced with high tech industry, manufacturing industry and retail. One good example is that if the total earning of your firm is $200,000 and it fall under the high tech company, apparently your firm is worth $1,200,000 or a total of $2.4 million. Another example is that if the approximate earning of your firm is $200,000 then it was in the manufacturing industry, then it will be worth $1,100,000. Lastly, if it falls under the retail type, and has earnings of $200,000, it will be valued with an approximate of $900,000.


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