How Marketers Target Kids

It has always been an effective way of marketing to advertise a certain product to consumers. Those people endorsing the said product are also essential on the effects of the said ad to consumers.

Here are some ideas how marketers advertise to teens.

Learn About Your Market

It is important that you are familiar with your target market. With regards to the teens, which are a large percentage of the consumers of a particular product, you should know the likes and dislikes of these teens. Most of the time there are some surveys available online for you to be aided to know about these likes and dislikes of the teens. You may also conduct some of your own surveys for you to be able to get the first hand information about the things these teens like and would not like. By doing this, you will be able to learn more about them.

Also, when you already do this, you are more capable of making advertisements which the teens would love to see and would love be affected. You may use the teen sport that is famous to teens. Or you may hire actors which are famous to teens to endorse the product that you are selling. You should also know about the things that local teens would love to have and those things that local teens would be interested in to, so that they will easily be attracted to the product you are selling.

Teens’ Short Span of Attention

Teens usually have a short span of attention. If they are not interested with a particular thing, they do not really give much attention to it. If it is something that is in their interest, they would spend too much time on it and would even refer it to their friends. This is one of the things that marketers use as a basis when they are making advertisements. They try to inject some things that would interest the teens and these would be the key so that the teens will be interested to know their product and these products should also be suited to the age of the teens and it should be legal products that are not prohibited to teens. Most of the time food companies and clothing companies are the ones who are advertising for the teens because they are one of the largest percentages of consumers all over the world.

Tools and Props

Advertisers would usually use props and tools that would catch the attention of the teens. They use now a day’s some special visual effects on the advertisements so that teens would be interested to watch it and eventually be convinced to buy their products. They also use colorful sets and tools to be able to catch attention. It would also be very helpful if you hire celebrities who are famous in the young generation so that the teens will easily be interested to the product that you are advertising.


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