Protecting a Business Idea

Protecting a business idea is the first step to make if you want to make sure that no one will steal your hard work, but do you know how to protect a business idea from counterfeiters?

All businesses nowadays are having problem about product counterfeiting that highly affects their sales, so you must take into consideration this tips we have for you.

Protecting your Business Idea from Counterfeiters

Once you have created your own business idea and you think that it should be protected then you must apply certain steps to protect your original ideas against counterfeiters. The problem of counterfeiting has been affecting the business industry around the world since then and there are numerous ways on how to protect your business ideas from being stolen by others.

Counterfeit means a copy or imitation from an original product with an intention of selling them due to its superior value, thus affecting the sales of the imitated product and might cause business failure if the counterfeiters are not caught and penalized. For example, a well-known brand of jeans with a registered trademark has been imitated by another company whose sole purpose is to take advantage of its outstanding value in the market; therefore a legal action should be taken abruptly to stop further distribution of the products due to the legal rights of the original owner of the business idea. If you want to avoid this thing to happen on your precious business ideas then follow our tips on how to protect a business idea from counterfeiters.

Useful Ways to Protect a Business Idea

When you’re done completing your invention and no one has ever made it; or you have just finished your artistic works either musical or literary; then you should immediately protect your intellectual property by acquiring patent, trademark, and copyright on your business idea. In the United States, the US Patent and Trademark Office is the governing agency that helps the inventors, artists, and business owners in protecting their intellectual properties by granting patents and trademarks on their original works and business ideas. Once you have acquired a patent grant on your business idea, it will provide you an exclusive right of preventing other companies or individuals for the production, distribution, and selling of your ideas or inventions. However, the cost for every patent is too expensive to acquire and time consuming also since there will be a series of test to make sure that your business idea is original. According to sources, the cost for the patent may range from at least $1,000.00 up to $100,000. Consider also acquiring a trademark for your logos and images so no one will ever try to copy it from you.

On the other hand, the US Copyright Office can assist on the issuance of copyright to any original material or business idea particularly in the music and movie industry that will prohibit from anyone for the copying and selling of your artworks. Just like the patent and trademark, you must also pay a filing fee for your application.


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