How Job Agencies Work

Are you a job seeker who is looking for the easiest way to find a job but you have a few understanding how job agencies works?

If you are quite uncertain on how job agencies works for you in terms of career opportunities then this article will explain to you the importance of job agencies to both the candidate and the employer.

An Insight about Job Agencies

When someone graduated from college and received the diploma or if someone had finished his contract from his current employer, he will now be a candidate in looking for job vacancies that will match on their skill levels. However, this is the greatest challenge for every candidates who hopes to get a job in the soonest time while competing to other candidates. This is the main reason why many job seekers are looking for job agencies that can help them to look for a possible career opportunity. Same also goes with the employers, once there are vacant positions in the company that need to be filled-up immediately, they hire the service of the job agencies. In view of this, the job agency generally works for the job seekers and the employers, making the search easier for both parties.

Nevertheless, even the job agency serves as a bridge between the employers and to the potential employees, job seekers should bear in their minds that the employer is the main client of the agency. This simply means the job agency can collect fees from the employer only, not on the employee that they recommended for the position. So if ever you have encountered job agencies that ask you to pay for some fees even you’re not hired yet, then you should stay away from these abusive agencies. A legitimate job agency earns its profit on the agency fees paid by the employer that usually a percentage of the employee’s salary based on the contract signed by both parties.

Understanding How Job Agencies Works

There are several reasons why employers ask for the assistance of the job agencies. The first reason is that the company has insufficient recruitment staff to do the job for recruiting new employees, particularly if they seriously need to fill-up the vacant positions. Other reason might be due to the competition to other companies who are also looking for professionals and they want the recruitment process to be secret as possible.

However, before the job agency can place qualified candidates to their respective employers, the job agency should develop an excellent working relationship between the employers and the candidates. A job agency must understand first the needs of the employer as the primary client, and then the agency must satisfy the expectation of the employers by providing highly skilled aspirants for the vacant position. To do this, the job agency will call for a screening for the aspirants or applicants and conducting interviews plus a background check. Once they have chosen the right candidate for the position they finally submit it to the employer for final screening. The job agency will only get paid once the applicant is finally hired for the position.


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