How Do Online Business Directories Make Money?

People turn to the internet when they are looking for something. A wide variety of products and services are listed on online business directories. The question is how do online business directories make money?

The traffic these websites get can be used to earn money online. Here are some ways that can help you earn money from an online business directory.

Use Sign up Forms to Gather Emails and Sell Potential Leads

Since your online business directory will be the initial source for other business owners, you can use sign up forms to gather emails and sell those leads. When the leads buy from the business listed on your directory, you can also get your commission. One of the best ways of monetizing your website traffic is using a lead capture plugin to gather a large amount of leads. 

You can inform other business owners that you have a particular number of people on your list who may be interested in the services or products they are offering. Another way to earn money is through sharing the leads you gathered with the one who provided the highest price for your list.

Sell Ad-space

You can offer ad-space to other business owners. Having a good Alexa rank will also give you lots of advertisers who are ready post their ads on your site and pay you. Aside from selling ad-space, you can also earn money from Google Adsense. It offers a lot of ways through which you can boost your profits with time.

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Sell Backlinks

You can create a blog and sell backlinks to other business owners. While the main purpose of your online business directory is to offer backlinks only, you can also provide backlinks from your blog posts. Even a single referral backlink will have a great value if your posts rank high in search engine results for keywords that attract customers who are likely to purchase or hire the service of a company.

Provide a Higher Rank

Those who are willing to pay more can get a higher rank on your site. Advertisers want to get the top spot and appear on the first page. They know how important their ranking is. You can give a higher rank to those who see your site as an important source of traffic and are willing to pay you more just to get a good spot.

Of course, you can also earn from the commissions paid by business owners. The traffic sent by your site is highly targeted audience. Business owners are willing to pay you for driving a significant amount of referral traffic to their website. If you are just starting, you’d have to list some businesses without any prior statement or agreement with them. This will help you start the cycle of traffic from different sources.

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