How to Blog for Money

The virtual world is the fastest way to make money these days. Several business ventures have succeeded upon entering the world of the World Wide Web.

There’s a lot more things in the web where you can make decent money.

What is a Blog?

A blog is considered as the virtual diary of a person. Unlike the traditional diary that we’ve known for the past years, blog is more public. It is most likely viewed by millions of followers. It is used by prominent people to share their personal thoughts about almost everything and anything. But now days, almost everyone is using the blog. From students, teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, even the people who has no educational attainment but really hooked with the internet is using the blog. To make is short, everyone who knows how to use the internet is practically using and making a blog. It’s the newest and the biggest thing in the virtual world right now. It’s the journal of the people only in the virtual world. From advices to their own personal thoughts, you can find it in their blogs. Even the recent issues around the globe are usually found first in the blogs.

How to Make Money Out Of Blogs?

First is the advertising program. Bloggers are known as very good in advertising themselves. That’s why they gain a lot of followers in the internet. The advertising world is now hiring them due to their uncontested talent. They are hired by big companies to make advertisements or make them articles about their product. This is so far the latest addition in the online profession as far as the bloggers are concerned.

The second one is blog network opportunities. These networks are hiring bloggers to write for them or for other big networks. This is considered as online journalism in a different kind of way. It is virtual in a sense that all things are being done online and the employer-employee relationship is also being done online. They transact business online and they close deals online. The bloggers are being paid through different ways. This is really booming these days.

Another option is merchandising. These days, bloggers are more practical. They tend to sell products that are ready to use and those that are in demand in the public. Some bloggers use the social networking sites to do business with different people all around the world. Another one is the public speaking engagements of these bloggers. It is a known fact that in the blog world, it doesn’t really require you to be a professional to have clients who wants you to appear to their conventions or gatherings. What they really see is your ability to express yourself and your thoughts about a particular issue or thing. Some bloggers gain millions of followers that make them as professional in making statements about a particular issue. And through this, they are usually being invited by companies or networks to work for them.


  • gregory said on December 28, 2011
    my business is located in Obalende, south-west Ikoyi area of Lagos state in Nigeria.It is a health institution. I need some blogging partners in that field. Thanks
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    hey @Gregory, how is your business?


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