Local Business Online Advertising

Do you want to know the secrets of advertising local business online? Turn to internet marketing experts to expose your business to the public so you can focus on the most important things.

Here we can provide online marketing processes and technologies to return your investment faster and increase your profits.

Future advertising is going local and targeting online channels. This trend is growing rapidly. Consumers today are using the internet more and more to search for retailers and business contacts. So plan your budget, study this worldwide trend, and get into the game of online advertising.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

There are several internet marketing services you can use such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, or search engine maps optimization. Thanks to the internet, local business online advertising is more effective and simpler than ever. Regardless of your business’ scope and size, an expertly run campaign on internet marketing would definitely help you stand out.

A recent study at ROI Research Inc. shows that 20-30% of purchases done at retail stores are influenced by online searches. More and more sites are accepting advertisers and local e-mail marketing will continuously grow every year.

Sample Websites Used in Online Advertising

Find a site you can use for advertising. Here are some websites commonly used by local businesses to advertise their wares online:

  • Yahoo Local Listings – promote your business to potential customers by listing your company’s name here. Choose from different plans to meet your needs.
  • Google Adwords – target your local online customers by programming your pay-per-click as soon as users search a particular region, state, or city. No minimum spend is required here. Only your budget can limit you.
  • City Search – this site offers online advertising tools that will easily open an account, manage daily results, and receive ad placements on Ask.com, Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Craigslist – this site gets around 10 million unique visitors everyday. It has a classified ad format online organized by city or region. This site connects sellers and buyers in over 300 communities, and the best thing: posting is free.
  • Yellow Pages – a large local directory site online featuring advertising solutions and city guides with free basic listings as well.
  • Dotster – a web hosting and domain registration company that offers local web advertising package that’s called “Local Site Promotion.” Just set your monthly budget for this site to send your ad to all major search engines.
  • Froogle Local – this is Google’s shopping search engine allowing users to search for specific products categorized by location as well. People use this to find retail stores through e-commerce.
  • AOL’s CityGuide – this specializes to AOL service members in providing local entertainment. Advertising in this site would allow you to target consumers based on their market and lifestyle.


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