How Companies go Green

There are a lot of homes that are going green these days. Fortunately it doesn't stop at our home. Companies today are turning green as well after all office is the place where we spent most of our time.

There are simple things that we can do like change our habits. This can certainly save both energy and sources at work.

Small steps can definitely be multiplied that can create a wider impact on our environment. You can start by adopting policies that are cost effective and environment friendly.

  • Did you know that lights are the major reason of electricity use in an office building? It is best to turn off the lights when you are leaving the room even just for a few minutes. Learn how to utilize the natural light. It is best if you can use light bulbs and lighting fixtures that energy star rated. You could install timers that can shut off lights when they are not in use.
  • Computers are much needed by your business process but it accounts to almost a billion worth of energy. Make it a habit to shut off your computers when they are not in use. Make sure to set your computer in a sleep mode when you go for a break. Invest on energy saving gadgets.
  • As we all know, we need to print important documents. Make it a habit to print on both side of the paper. Avoid printing draft whenever you can. It is best to go paperless if you can. Check if it can be stored online or if you can distribute it using email. It is much easier to update documents when they are online.
  • Make sure to advocate recycling. Recycle everything in your office like paper, envelopes and other materials. It is best to put on recycle bins at every corner of your office. Advice people which ones can be recycled.
  • If you are buying office supplies, it is best if you can buy it from recycled materials.
  • Bring your own dishware in to the office. This can help you avoid washing too much. Provide some things that you can reuse like dishes and glasses. It is also good if you watch what you eat. Go for something organic.
  • It is best if you can make it a habit to use bus or train if you are travelling for business. Avoid renting a car or using one with high mileage. Invest on video conferencing and other solutions that can reduce your travel.
  • It is best to use carpool or bike or telecommute when going to work. Only drive occasionally. Instead of owning your own car, join a car sharing service. Make it a point to encourage telecommuting. Offer your employees different alternatives of modes of transportation.

It is best if you can promote a healthy office environment and use non toxic cleaning products. Brighten your cubicle by putting live plants in your office. This can absorb pollution found indoors. Make it a habit to buy furniture, carpeting and paint that won’t give off toxic.


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