Growing Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage is a biennial grown plant that has its thick, broad and heavy midribs that grows from fifteen to eighteen inches tall. It is sometimes called as snow cabbage, a leafy vegetable mostly seen in Chinese cuisine. This vegetable can be perfectly grown to cold-weather locations as the sea breeze helps in cooling the plant.

Growing it can be an easy task once you follow a few of important tips in planting it.

In this article, one can learn the important tips in growing this cabbage. Never will it be hard on one’s part to maintain it until the harvesting period. Remember that it tends to mature quicker as they can be planted after sixty to sixty-five days of seeding.

When to Plant Chinese Cabbage

When to plant is a must thing to consider among the tips. Remember that its seedlings are more likely sensitive in transplanting compared with cabbage seedlings. Start using individual containers such as pots, peat pellets and a whole lot more. Additionally, the spring season is the best time to plant Chinese cabbage wherein you need to transplant it for three weeks before the frost date. This is done in order that the plants are not yet too old in the five weeks to come. Sowing the seedlings directly in the pot garden won’t give ample time for them to grow. Still, an excellent planting time for this is during a cool weather. Start seedling in midsummer and transplanting comes in the latter time.

Depth and Space in Planting Chinese Cabbage

Apart from knowing when to plant it, the depth and space should be given with extra attention. The space should be made in between twelve inches for Michili variety. For the larger types, it should be in between fifteen to twenty-four inches. In the fall season, directly sow seed in the garden ½ to ¼ inch deep. Keeping the soil thin and moist must be understood as well in order to achieve great results. If only possible, transplant seed in a protected and secured place on a cloudy day. Better use a fertilizer solution when planting Chinese cabbage.

Proper Maintenance and Care

Additionally, the soil moisture must be maintained sufficiently in order that the Chinese cabbage will grow vigorously. In the event that the plants become half grown, that’s the right time to use a nitrogen fertilizer. It tends to grow quickly during the hot summer days. Expect for best results after choosing early varieties that can be planted on individual containers. However, proper maintenance and care is still needed by the plants.

Harvesting Time

Harvesting time is the moment you’ve been waiting for, therefore, you must cut its whole heads in order to keep them firm and compact. Remember to complete the harvesting time before the freezing weather. If the fall frost has arrived when the heads form, Chinese cabbage can now be harvested.

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