Eggplant Farming

Eggplant farming forms an easy cultivation plant which you can easily grow in your backyard. It requires proper irrigation facilities, good amount of sunlight. There are certain tips for this farming like you need to control the growth of pests which affect the eggplants in its earliest growth phase.

Certain diseases too might occur like fruit rot which spoils the plant.

eggplant farming

Eggplant has been cultivated since ages. In USA it was introduced by Thomas Jefferson who was a horticulturist. Over the past few years it has been in the news all the more. This farming can be done easily in your home’s backyard also.

Eggplant Cultivation Tips

Eggplant forms an essential part of cuisine in different parts of the world. It is used in pan fried, sometimes stuffed with rice, baked with tomato and onions and in many other ways it is eaten. Eggplant farming is easy to do and manageable also. It is quite inexpensive too and if you wish you can start cultivating it from the point of view of agri-business also.

You need to be aware of its growing conditions if you want to start its cultivation at your backyard. Eggplant can be grown on high plains. They tend to grow on sandy loamy type of soil. The soil also needs to be fertile and rich in organic matter. It is also important that there should be aeration so as to let plants breathe. The eggplant requires good drainage too and this is very important for the plants to grow naturally. For effective growing, pH level between 6.8 and 7.3 is required.

Requirements of Eggplants

This farming requires proper sunlight too so make sure that the land is getting adequate sun exposure. For planting a dry season is considered to be suitable. Make sure that you choose those seeds which grow fast and in the natural manner. Eggplant requires good amount of irrigation too. So provide the land with proper irrigation facilities. In fact it needs to be irrigated especially in the early growth phase.

However there are a large number of problems too associated with eggplant farming. The most common being the occurrence of pests and various other kinds of diseases. Sometimes environmental conditions too make it difficult for the growth of eggplants.

Diseases like fruit rot, leaf spots, bacterial wilt are quite common in eggplants which may affect the entire crop leaving it rotten.
One of the common pests which affect eggplants is Shoot Borer. This pest is known to feed on the leaves and fruits of the plants especially in the early growing season. Sometimes, it may affect the entire cultivation too. So make sure you are spraying pesticides in order to control the growth of pests. Once you have done proper analysis, it is quite easy to start eggplant farming in your backyard.


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