Google to Reduce Workforce

After hiring too many people with overlapping jobs, Internet giant Google announced it will reduce its workforce. According to the company’s senior vice president for global sales and business development, only 200 workers or less will be affected by the workforce reduction—most of them are working in sales and marketing department.

After hiring many employees with overlapping jobs, technology giant Google said it will reduce its workforce to simplify the decision-making process of the company. With this new job cut, the company said 200 workers or less will be affected, with most of them working in marketing and sales department.

In a blog post of Google senior vice president for global sales and business development Omid Kordestani, the company is experiencing duplicated effort that complicates the overall process.

“Since Google is continuously expanding and growing, it may sometimes appear impossible to get everything working smoothly, and in our present case, I think we didn’t”, Kordestani said in his blog post.

The technology giant also said that it over-estimated its growth which resulted to excessive hiring of employees, especially in some areas including market and sales department.

The company currently employs more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Ranking as the most popular search engine tool, the company enjoys healthy finances despite the ongoing financial crisis.

Earlier report said that 99 percent of Google’s revenue is derived in advertising. Meanwhile, its cloud computing software products are also gaining momentum to Internet consumers that it unseated Microsoft from its number one ranking.


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