Electronic Car's Sales Up: Mitsubishi

Electric-powered vehicles are becoming popular as more consumers prefer to buy environment-friendly models. Just recently, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said its 2,000 units iMiEV electric cars were sold just after three months of its first launching.

According to its spokesperson, the company will increase output from 4,000 to 5,000 cars which will be available next year.

A high-ranking official of the Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said on Friday the Japanese carmaker will increase the production of its iMiEV electric vehicle following a “sold out” of its 2,000 units just after it was introduced three months ago.

Mitsubishi spokesperson Kai Inada said the orders for the first 2, 000 units of the iMiEV were immediately sold out after its prototype was shown to the public. The company now is planning to increase output from 4, 000 to 5, 000 additional cars which will be available next year.

The company said major buyers of the new car model ranges from Japanese corporate leasers, driving/rental companies, Lawson convenience store chain, and to Tokyo Electric Power Co. which ordered iMiEV by hundreds.

The zero-emission, recharge-at-home iMiEV will also be made available in Europe in mid-2010 through major companies like Peugeot Ciroen PSA. The automaker also revealed the individual car model will be sold to regular Japanese buyers in 2011.

Electric-powered vehicles are becoming more popular as consumers prefer to buy environment-friendly cars especially the cheaper models. The current economic crisis also played a vital role in the demand increase, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, other Japanese car manufacturers are shifting to gas-electric hybrid vehicles which come in more affordable price.



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