Finding Your Resources Using Twitter

There are a lot of social sites that are coming out nowadays, and one of these is twitter. Twitter is a site where you can post whatever that is you are doing in your life and let everyone see it.

Twitter is one of the most growing social sites in the entire world, from simple news from friends, families, global news, business and jobs.

Twitter is becoming a resource about anything and everything. You won't be late from the latest news or business events posted by some business owners who own a twitter account. Almost everyone owns an account in twitter, maybe because they find twitter very helpful, or simply because they just love having updates about anything and everything.

One of the most common topics on twitter is job postings. More and more people have twitter accounts to look for a job. They make twitter as their resources of job openings, companies that are looking for employees and so on. But did you know that you need to learn some things in order to find a job on twitter?

Here are some important tips for you on how to find jobs on twitter:

  • As you all know, twitter only provides you to give small details of information about yourself. So why don't you try creating an online resume which will include your skills, interest and strengths. Add the link of your online resume on your twitter account so that employers can check it out.
  • You must follow people who are in the same field as you are. Aspiring leaders and influential people are the best ones to follow here. These people will help you get some information that you will need along the way.
  • You must regularly post updates about yourself. Your post should look like someone thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent and determined on things. You should also put a hint that you are doing good in the field you are currently in.
  • Try to re-tweet one of the post of the people you are following. This will help build friendship and better connections. You can give advices about their current post, or give you positive opinion regarding the tweets that they made.
  • Once they have responded to any of your re-tweets start building a good foundation by talking to them once in a while. Then you may ask for information about jobs that are currently looking for employees. Most people on twitter are willing to help others, so don't worry.
  • Now, that you have gained knowledge about companies who are currently hiring, do some quick research about it. You can search on how the process of hiring there goes.

Before, finding a job may be a little bit hard because you need to look for employers on the internet who are looking for employees that they can hire. But with twitter in just a few clicks, you will be finding your prospective company in no time.


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