Finding the Best Small Business Router

One of the most common problems in connecting a small business online is finding the right router for all the computers in your office.

At first glance, all routers being sold in the market may appear similar, when in fact; it is different depending on the features in each model.

A router is a computer networking device that forwards packets of data to their assigned destination based on the address provided. Since the information passes through many networks in the Internet, it is important that the router works with its designed IP protocol to keep confidentiality with the source and the receiver.

To avoid any lost of data or slow Internet speed, you must know exactly the right router you should use in your small business. Here are several things that you need to know that will help you decide which wireless network router could work best for you:

Speed Ratings – Most of the router labels say that the particular model of the device can achieve speed up to 11 Mbps, 54 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. However, do not be fooled by the label. Know firsthand the actual performance of the router before you purchase it.

Actual tests usually show how much speed a router can give you, which on average, could be much slower that the maximum rating shown on the labels.

Remember, the speed of your Internet connection can not be assured by the high-speed routers. These will all depend on the extra cash that you will put into your Internet service provider.

Choose Popular Models – Try to talk to people who are also running small businesses in your area. This will give you an idea on what routers they are using in their Internet connection. You can also check the sales ranking at the retail stores to know what people usually buy.

Pick one with a warranty – This is usually included in the box when you buy the product. Look for a router that has a longer period or better terms in their warranty documents. This included checking how committed the manufacturer is in providing you with an extra support in case the router breaks down.

Ignore “Success and Horror” Stories you read in blogs – These are usually opinions from people who are paid by the routers’ manufacturers to give like you the impression that their products are the best in the market while others write negative reviews to make people shy away from buying their competitor’s routers.

Compatibility and Brand Matching – When you want to purchase a new router for your small business, make sure that the router is compatible or at least the same brand as your wireless network adapters.

Most of the retailers will show you how fast the router can give you but these are usually compatible with their network adapters and not at your own office.

Style and Budget – You should also consider the right style or design of your router to make it blend with your office. Also, make sure that the cost will not give you much of a headache. Choose something that is easy on the eyes and can be packed if you want to bring it along in your travels.


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