Finding Hair Salons Going Out of Business

If you want to find hair salons going out of business, you should start your search online. You can also check local newspapers for classifieds. You have to pick the hair salon with the ideal reasons for closeout.

Avoid ones with negative reasons because you might not be able to change the reputation once you takeover.

Finding Hair Salons Going Out of Business

Today, you can find more than 400,000 salons in the US and there are millions of beauty professionals in the industry. When you own a hair salon, you can offer various kinds of services or you can also specialize like being a hair designer, salon stylist, bridal stylist, celebrity stylist, facial services, nail services, waxing, massage, day spa, teen’s or children’s stylist, and many others. Starting out from scratch can be hard but if you want another option, you can start your hunt for hair salons going out of business.

The best place to find hair salons that are about to close is the internet. You can also check classifieds in the local newspaper. This is a tricky option because the first thing that will enter your mind is this – what is the salon going out of business? You will have to evaluate the situation and the reasons. If you want to make sure that you’ve found the best deal, you will need the help of professionals like lawyers and accountants. Ideally, you should buy a hair salon that already comes with the necessary equipment, furniture, tools, and other things you need. Talk to the owner to find out the reason of the closeout.

Looking into the Reasons of the Closeout

Here are some of the acceptable reasons for going out of business – the owner would like to search for greener pastures, the owner does not have enough working capital, the employees are incompetent, and the employer can no longer manage the business. It would be best to stay away from hair salons with reasons such as – the location is not right, has a bad reputation, and other negative things that can affect the business once you take over.

Why don’t you start your search online? This is the perfect time to manage your own hair salon but make sure that you possess adequate knowledge, talents, and skills. If you truly want to be successful, you have to purchase the right hair salon that is going out of business. Once you’ve found the right one, you will have to work closely with your lawyer and accountant. Look into the financial books of the hair salon for the past years. All legal requirements should be examined by the lawyer to ensure that the transfer of ownership will be smooth. If the current employees are competent, you can absorb them or you can also re-evaluate. Now, you won’t have to worry about the license, the utilities, and other major aspects of startup.


  • Quang Ba said on November 1, 2012
    I would like to find hair salons near Clifton Heights, PA 19018
  • shapiro said on January 17, 2013
    I would like to find a salon within 20 mile radius of 90802 Long beach, California approx 900-1200 sqfeet.
  • Barbara said on February 5, 2013
    I would like to rent a hair salon in Durham and add a hair school. No games because the holy spirit will let me know.
  • Donna Nguyen said on August 20, 2013
    I would like to find a nail salon in albuquerque or Rio Rancho area, NM. Any business are going out, let me know
  • Liz said on August 21, 2013
    I would like to find beauty salons going out of business near LaGrange IL 60525 area. Thank you, Liz
  • Deek said on October 10, 2014
    I would like to find salon within the 20 mile radius of 07305. Thank you
  • Kim said on October 16, 2014
    Would like to buy a salon space near 60618
  • victoris said on October 25, 2014
    Looking in the Atlanta, GA area.
  • LaKeisha Vaughn said on December 28, 2014
    I would like to find a salon around 44057 and 44512
  • Israel Escalante said on August 12, 2015
    I will love to find a beauty salon going out of business in peoria arizona or north phoenix thx
  • Rita Ramos said on September 24, 2015
    I will like to find a hair salon that is closing up in hialeah Florida.
  • chanel bento said on February 26, 2016
    I would like to find a salon going out of business any where in the United states so I can buy their furniture.
  • deborah kline said on March 15, 2016
    I would like to find spa going out of business to buy microelectronics machine.
  • Michelle Vega said on April 28, 2016
    Looking for a Salon Manager and Master Designers for Ulta at the forum in Carlsbad, Ca.
  • Connie said on June 13, 2016
    Looking for salon station equipment. New start-up in North Texas area and needing inventory items, supplies, equipment! Wanting equipment for 4-5 stations.
  • Marquette said on April 26, 2017
    I am looking for shampoo bowl to use asap. I'm in Houston area (The Woodlands, Texas). Call or text 281-782-5832
  • Clara Loose said on June 2, 2017
    I am looking for any and all types of salons going out of business. My friend is opening up her own and blow her budget so I am trying to help her be successful with her dream. We are located in the cocoa area of Florida but are welling to drive to any location within Florida. Obviously, closer is always better.
  • Natalie said on May 27, 2020
    I would like to know if any salons in Haymarket VA within a 25-mile radius are going out of business! Thank you Natalie


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