Export License Requirements

If you want to get an export license, you have to find out the requirements. This may vary among states or countries.

Know the legal papers and documents that you need to present to get the export license approved.

Before you decide to export products, there is a need to find out the requirements. You should be aware that the requirements will depend on the items that are going to be exported, and there are also threshold levels that should be looked into. As a business owner, there is a need to find out the requirements so that you can settle them in advance to avoid future problems.

You have to find out if the shipment or item requires an export license. It is the Department of Commerce that decides on this and it is usually by several factors such as the use of such item, the person or company to use it, the destination, and the actual product or item. The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is implemented by the BIS or Bureau of Industry and Security. Most of the commercial items that are exported are regulated by EAR. You should be aware that not all technologies, services, and goods are regulated by the Department of Commerce.

Just in case you are planning to ship military items, it is the Defense Trade Controls that will handle the export requirements. Countries decide if they will restrict certain goods or products. Restricted destinations usually include Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, and Cuba, as well as embargoed countries. The export license is needed because it relates to the parties and the item’s end-use.

There are 2 levels of that you should know if you want to determine the export license requirements:

  • The assessment is made to find out what the product is intended for. The Commerce Department now classifies the products covered by the export controls. Although some products can be license-free, there are still other products that requires one
  • The second level is that pertaining to the end user of the product or item. The buyer can easily provide the needed information

The concerned department will screen the end user, the buyer, and other parties to the transaction. Even the destination is going to be screened. Make sure that you submit all the requirements that the concerned agency will ask from you. In no time, you will be able to obtain the needed export license.

Export licenses will be required by authorities but since the laws or regulations tend to differ among countries, there is a need to find out the exact requisites. As long as the legal requirements are met, you will be able to enjoy worry-free shipments. Prepare the documents and you will have the products exported.


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