Employing Children in Family Business

It is a very common practice that a Family-owned Business employs their children to help in some tasks. However due to their young age, in particular to those under 18, there are some local child labor laws that should be followed to avoid confrontation from the authorities.

In providing work for children in family business, just follow these simple advices.

Does Providing Work for Children in Family Business is Legal?

When you run a family-owned business, it is ordinary that your children may ask for their help and support in order to perform some jobs that the business requires. However, even the children are working voluntarily or they are doing the jobs as part time, it still faces some legality issues if the local state government permits such practice. In view of this, depending on the existing laws of the state, child labor is still a big issue that even family businesses should take into account to avoid penalties or confrontation from the concerned agencies.

Every country has their own laws about child labor regarding on what age is appropriate for them to start acquiring for a job, but mostly those children below 18 years old are supposed not to involve in certain work jobs that faces risk on their health and safety or considered dangerous line of works.

Examples of the establishments that children should not be employed are:

  • Industrial work environments such as factories, construction sites, and mining sites wherein there’s a big threat for their safety and overall health.
  • Night clubs or pubs (normally restricted places for minors)
  • Casinos and betting shops

In the United Kingdom, minors below 13 years old are normally not allowed to work at any business establishments. However, the children below this age bracket are allowed to practice modeling profession, acting performances, or involvement in sports activities with the proper guidance of their parents.

Rules in Employing Children in Family Business

If ever you can’t stop your children in helping to your business, there are certain ways on how you can allow them to work without violating the laws of the state. So, the first thing you should do is to check the local regulations regarding employment of children in businesses, particularly the hours of work they are allowed within a day or week. If your children are still attending in schools, you must ensure that their work in the family business will not coincide on their class schedules or will not disrupt on their studies. Bear in mind that your children needs formal education and you are still responsible for them to achieve this. Through completing their education, they have the opportunity to meet on the standards as required for a particular job even in a family business.

Another thing you must ensure to the children at work in your family business is to include them in liability insurance policies of your business, whether they are working voluntarily or in a part-time basis.


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