Cost to Rewire a House

If you want to determine the cost of rewiring the house, you will need to shop for the best deals. The cost will usually depend on the size of the house, the needed fittings, sockets, and other relevant factors.

Get quotes from electricians in your area or you can also check out online. Pick a licensed and experienced electrician to do the job.

Cost of Rewiring a House

It can be hard to determine the cost to rewire a house. You see, this will depend on the project and the budget of the homeowner. There are certain factors that affect the cost like the house size, access to the wires, layout, and the fittings. If it is smaller electrical job, then you will also have to pay less; but if you’re going to rewire the whole house, this can be a big project. The very first thing that you have to consider if the connection fee but this is only applicable for new houses; the fee will depend on the area where you live but it can usually cost from $1000 to $40,000 since this will already cover installations.

Another factor is the ‘fuse boxes’ or the consumer units. The very old ones should be replaced because old wirings can cause accidents and fires. The cost of the units will range from $80 to $300 and this will depend on the number of ways, MCBs, RCDs, loading, and others. The lighting and sockets will also affect the overall rewiring costs. For every socket, you may need to pay $60 to $80 and will usually depend on the finish. If you purchase the switches and pendants, you will need to spend $2 or higher; fancier designs will surely cost you more.

Average Costs and Other Factors

Oftentimes, rewiring the house can include other jobs in the house like working on the bathroom fans, smoke detectors, kitchen extractors, pumps, showers, shaver points, TV sockets, burglar alarms, and heating circuits. The extra jobs can also cost a hefty sum. On the average, a 2-bedroom house full rewire can cost around $4,600 but can reach as high as $12,600. The larger the house, you can also expect larger costs. Canvas locally and ask electricians for a quote depending on the project.

The best place to find electricians who can help you out is online. Rewiring a house is no joke and you will have to stick with the reputable ones. Check if the electrician is licensed and is experienced in working with various kinds of wirings. Homeowners have various needs and requirements. Before you proceed with the rewiring project, you have to determine your budget. It will be a waste of money to have rewiring little by little and besides, this will be time consuming. Save money today and when you have enough money, you can now ask for quotes from various electricians. Pick one that offers the most reasonable price and the best services.


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