Cost To Become a Doctor

Becoming a doctor takes long years of education, preparation and training. This means that a student would spend big amount of money.

This is one of the most expensive educations among other career fields.

Obviously, becoming a doctor is a noble profession in terms of the nature of its work. However, it is not that easy to be a doctor not only in terms of education but also the cost of becoming a doctor. Many students are dreaming to take medical career fields and eventually become a doctor. The education, preparation and training are extensive in such a way that it requires lot of hard work and perseverance. Nevertheless, not all people dreaming of becoming a doctor achieve their dreams. This is due to the insufficiency of money to finance the education. The cost of becoming a doctor depends on several factors as well as the field of interest.


The education in becoming a doctor is a long journey that would take long years. As a student enrolls in a pre-medicine education obviously he or she would pay for the tuition and other miscellaneous fees. Apparently, the average cost of education for in-state student is about $7,605 annually. It includes the cost in room and board, tuition and other fees. However, for medical students living out-of-state would cost $11,990 yearly. The cost is much higher if you will attend private college. This cost is just for the education in earning bachelor’s degree. This means that after completing the bachelor’s degree you should pursue medical education that is more expensive as compared to pre-medicine education. It would take you another four years and you should expect to spend $84,000 or more depending on the college you are attending.

Another factor that affects the cost of becoming a doctor is the cost incurred to obtain residency that would last for about six years. Doing the residency is important to becoming a full-fledged doctor. In like manner, the cost also varies depending on the field of interest. If you want to become a medical doctor or a dentist you should prepare at least $200,000 for the tuition and other fees that you will spend from the graduate school to residency. However, you can choose to attend veterinarian school that is the cheapest among other medical career options. Moreover, there are other cost can be incurred when specializing such specific field. This is an additional two years of attending school.

With all the possible costs that are possible to incurred, a student who wishes to become a doctor should choose the right school that does not only provide quality education but offers reasonable cost of education. You should make the right decision and consider the output in the end. As much as possible you should think several times before deciding to enroll in medical school.


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