Can a Nurse Become a Doctor

Many registered nurses are aiming to become a doctor. This is greatly possible as long as a registered nurse pursue further studies.

Knowing the prerequisites is important in advancing the career.

Acquiring advance degree is the key for a nurse to become a doctor. Definitely, advancing career is unlimited to an individual. It is good not to limit the career in just a single degree especially in these times when the competition in employment is getting tougher. Likewise, a registered nurse has all the possibilities of becoming a doctor since the degree has all the prerequisites of becoming a doctor. All you have to do is to check with the state you are living about the necessary requirements to advance your career as a doctor.

Requirements to Pursue Medical Course

A nursing degree is one of the college courses that is qualified to pursue medical degree. This means that a registered nurse can pursue medical course by taking the medical college admission exams. It is a pre-qualifying exam that allows interested students to enroll in a medical school they preferred. Definitely, they can enroll in the medical school as long as they pass the medical exams according to standards set by the school. Likewise, it is also important to make the right choice of school you should attend medical course because it plays a great role of becoming a doctor. You need also to know the requirements that the school required aside from passing the MCAT.

Definitely, they would ask for nursing employment record that would determine if the applicant is performing well the job as a nurse. Some medical schools also require written application about the intention of a registered nurse to pursue advance medical studies as a doctor. Personal interview with the applicant is also required in order to know if the applicant is in good fit. The application to enroll in medical course will only be accepted after thorough investigation. The good thing about pursuing to medical course is that all the courses taken in the nursing education are credited. In this way, the length of schooling in the medical course is shortened. They also give credits to the actual job experience as a nurse practitioner.

Advancing to medical course include both classroom learning and clinical laboratory experience. Likewise, after completing the four years, the student is required to attend internship in a hospital setting for 1 year period. Aside from working at various medical departments the student should also pass the written and practical exams. The student can only graduate after passing the course and completing the internship. After the graduation, the student should take medical board examination. Once passed the examination the graduate should apply for residency in hospital in order to practice the profession.


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