Cauliflower Farming

Cauliflower is believed to be difficult to grow. If you want to successful in growing cauliflower you need to put efforts as well as proper knowledge.

In this sense, you need to know the necessary information about cauliflower farming.

If you are planning to start a garden, never attempt to grow cauliflower. Although it offers plenty of nutrients but it is difficult to grow and maintain. However, if you want to give it a try, make sure to know first the necessary things so that you will not waste your time and effort in growing cauliflower. As much as possible you should learn the preparation, sowing as well as proper care for the plant.


Cauliflower planting is a very complex thing to do. It is because this vegetable requires uninterrupted growth otherwise it will result to premature developing of small head. In order to avoid any problem in growing, it is necessary to ensure proper preparation of the soil. Keep in mind that most failures in growing this crop are the result of improper and inadequate preparation of the soil.
In this sense, it is essential to prepare the soil and ensure that it has the right pH. It requires 6.5 pH soils and even if the soil is fertile, you need to apply commercial fertilizer. Make sure that the soil does not contain much water otherwise you should drain it before planting. Likewise, the soil should have organic elements or you can use organic fertilizers or compost.


Cauliflower cannot withstand harsh weather. That is why before planting you should ensure planting the seeds after the last stretch of the frost. In the same manner, before planting the cauliflower in the field you should sow first the seed at least 6 weeks. Set the plants in the field ensuring the proper distances from each plant. When transplanting the seedlings into the garden you should ensure that the temperature should be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is not enough just to set the seedling into the field. If you want to obtain good harvest you should give proper care to your plants. Regular cultivating the soil is needed to prevent weeds from emerging. You need also to give enough amount of nitrogen so that the cauliflower will develop well. Likewise, you should water the plant with the adequate amount of water or you can use a starter solution.

It is also important to examine the leaves for any infestation of aphids and worms. In case there are insects, the best thing to do is to do dusting or spraying.

In addition, in cauliflower farming you need to be aware of the possible diseases that may interfere on the growth of the crop. Clubroot is the most common disease that may affect cauliflower and it should be prevented otherwise it will remain in the soil for about 7 years. Similarly, you should check and monitor the heads so that you will know the right time cutting the heads.

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