Buying and Selling Motorcycles

The business of buying and selling motorcycles is not easy to take in hand without the proper knowledge about the practice. Do you want to learn some tips in buying and selling motorcycles?

If you consider that this business is a sure thing to earn money then consider some pointers from us on how to handle it the right way.

Earn Money through Buying and Selling Motorcycles

If you have a big passion to motorcycles then you can use it to earn money. At this modern time where people are using motorcycles as means of transportation, you can take this opportunity to drive a business of your own through buying and selling of motorcycles. The good thing about the business is that most people want to own a motorcycle and its sources are widely available. Let us give you an overview about this kind of business.

Compared to a car which is very expensive for an ordinary commuter, motorcycles are affordable and the learning curve of learning to drive it is easier than the other vehicles. This is the reason why many motorcycle business owners succeeded on this type of business since the demand is increasing every year. But this doesn’t mean that a motorcycle business is only selling brand new ones, some people are looking for secondhand or used motorcycles because they are much cheaper and requires few adjustments to make it run as a new bike. Since new replacement parts are pretty much expensive, some bike users are looking for cheap used motorcycle parts to install on their old bikes. In view of this, if you’re interested in buy and sell of motorcycles then we will give you some tips on how to handle business.

Things to Consider when Buying and Selling Motorcycles

Buying a motorcycle is very complicated. Here are some tips for you:

  • Type of Bike – Motorcycles come in different varieties and sizes, some are manually driven and others are automatic. This is the first thing you need to consider and choose the kind of bike that you think can be sold in an instant. Do a little market research of which bikes are mostly used in the community and what brands are mostly preferred by many bike users. Remember that you’re goal here is not to own a bike but to resell it to earn money.
  • The Sources – It is better to deal with trusted motorcycle stores than in the black market of which you are not sure about its quality and where the bike came from. Some bike shops are selling used motorcycle, and these bikes came from those people who have failed to complete the payment. Unlike in the black market, most of them are stolen bikes and you might be in trouble when you resell it.
  • The Quality and Price – Make sure that the bike is still in good condition and the systems are working properly even if it’s already been used. The price should be fair enough of which you can still earn from it when you sell it.

After your purchase then you should immediately sell it and look for a market place where there a lot of interested buyers. Make it reasonable when pricing the bike to attract a potential buyer. You can auction the bike if you want through so you can also save in advertising.


  • Matt said on July 21, 2013
    Hey do you have any tips on getting a good price on bikes to resell for profit ?
  • Ivoke Emmanuel said on December 3, 2016
    I need like 6 pieces of Kawasaki bike Secondhand, 600 cc and above, Like how much can I be looking at?
  • Bud said on November 2, 2017
    Hi, I am looking to buy motorcycles abroad and sell them locally. Who do i talk to?


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