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Synergy HomeCare is a business that cares for the nonmedical needs of the older people.

It is a good business venture for you as it provides more clients as the time goes by, and you can have it at very low investment costs.

For any businessman, it is wise to choose a business where they can operate at a very affordable investment cost, and at the same time there is a great chance for good profits. A way to do this is by committing to a franchise opportunity with a well-known company of sought-after products and services. Among so many choices of businesses that are open for franchising, Synergy HomeCare is one of those that is very profitable and popular.

Franchising for Synergy HomeCare is a positive move as it is very popular all over the country. It is even more viewed as an ideal franchising opportunity because the company was able to secure a place in the top franchises in the Franchise Business Reviews Second Annual Franchise 50 Awards. It was also recognized as one of the Top 500 Franchises by the Entrepreneur Magazine. It was also one of the MSNBC Top 10 Business List.

Synergy HomeCare specializes in helping old people belonging in the ages 65 years old and above. These elders have limited capabilities already compared when they are still younger. Sometimes, they are even left alone to live because their children have their own families already. That is where Synergy HomeCare comes in the lives of these people. In times when they need help in any thing, Synergy’s representatives are always there to assist the aged people with their non-medical needs such as household chores and other immediate errands. The company looks out for the welfare of the old people in their care. As much as possible, they want to make the lives of these people easier and more comfortable.

Entering this business with Synergy HomeCare is very favorable to you as a new entrepreneur. First of all, the population of aging people is growing by the day. It is impossible for you to lose clients even at this tough time for the economy. You don’t even have to worry if you do not have an experience in caring for the older people. The company will provide you as well as your workers with the necessary training for the skills you must have for this business. And throughout your commitment with the company, you will receive the support that you deserve so that your business experience will be more meaningful and ultimately, successful.

You can buy a Synergy HomeCare franchise with an investment of $49,240 up to a maximum of $99,540. The franchising fee will be paid upon signing of the contract. This is favorable for you because you can operate already once you have paid for the franchising fee. The company’s charge for franchising fee starts from $35,000. Next, you must always take note to pay the on-going royalty fee regularly. It will be a form of your commitment and to the company as it provides you a way to generate profit. Synergy HomeCare will get 5% of your net sales as stated in your contract. The said contract will last you up to five years. After the said time, you can always renew the contract if you feel like you need more time with the company.

You will be chosen as a franchisee if you have a basic experience in handling any business. Your experience will help you go by your endeavors in operating your own unit. Also, it is helpful for you and your business if you have great marketing skills. You can easily attract clients if you are effective in communicating with your clients. Financially, you must be capable enough to produce funds for your business if needed. You will be qualified if your net worth is at $250,000. You must also provide proofs to the company that you have liquefied cash amounting to $50,000. Once you have settled all of your qualifications and requirements, it is now your chance to make your business work for you in attaining your goal of financial success.


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