Bombay Pizza Franchise

Franchising is a key to having your own business. It is a manifestation of a booming economy of a country and a promise of enormous income for businesspersons. With franchising, profit is assured while spending less. Thus, they say that franchising is the most convenient business strategy nowadays. The capital needed for franchising a business depends on the type of business, product or merchandise, and target clientele.

Franchising a well-patronized business is a wise step for there are many advantages which can be derived from franchising.

Identity Impact

Too often, franchisees enjoy the reputation regarded to that of the franchisor. Consumers treat franchisees as not at all different from the franchisor. This is largely because franchisees adopt the menu, mode of service, and other features of the franchisor. Consumers’ feels that same familiarity and comfort making them indulge in anything that the franchisee can offer. In effect, franchisees are assured profit and marketability.


Another advantage that a franchisee can enjoy is less expenditures for advertisements and promos. Businesses which have just started allocate a large capital for advertisements and promotions. But this is not necessary for franchisees. This is due to the cumulative effect of advertisements made by the franchisors. Advertisements and promotion made by franchisors reverberates such as to benefit the franchisees as well. Aside from a reputable business name, franchisees equally enjoy free advertisement through franchising. Hence, business expenses are minimized.

Less Business Issues

Basically, in franchising, the only concerns for franchisees are to find a marketable location for the business, to secure licenses and other pertinent documents, and to hire well-trained staff. At the outset, it is essential to know the type of business to engage in, know your market, and the competition. This will help you in determining the feasibility franchising.

Bombay Pizza Franchise

Recently, the most common object of franchising is food related businesses. These include franchising of well-renowned restaurants, food chains, bars, coffee shops, and pizza houses. One of the best pizza company open for franchising is the Bombay Pizza Co. It began in 2009 having in mind a fusion of Italian and Indian flavors. Bombay Pizza Co. is an enduring business because of the comfort and sumptuous dishes it offers. Their Houston and Telfair branches have a pleasing atmosphere, adding more enticement. Bombay Pizza menu is also one of a kind to include savory food selection such as pizzas, soups and salads, mini-burgers, pasta, deserts, beverages and other drinks. Also indulge in their Italian dishes like lasagna, chicken scaloppini and chicken parmagiana. Flavorful Indian dishes offered are saag paneer, Cilantro-mint chutney, and Tandoori chicken. Aside from mouth watering Italian and Indian dishes, Bombay Pizza Co. is also known for their wide array of pizza flavors. Part of innovation is their “create your own pizza” treat where customers can choose pizza toppings as desired. To this date, Bombay Pizza Co. is a favorite place of pizza enthusiasts. Their wide selection of exquisite foods can keep up with the competition. Customers come and go and income is streaming.


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