Best Small Business Computer Security Software

What security software would you need in your small business? What are the features that you require in security software that will best help you safe guard your computer usage?

In a small business there are day by day problems that you may encounter in your computer use, especially if you are very much engaged in internet usage or access.

Computer viruses are malevolent software made to go into a computer without the owners consent with the capability of imitating, cause relentless damage, ability to multiply, harm the program and performance of the computer or software.

There are some viruses that reside in the RAM memory, it corrupts or distorts file, some infect directories, some deletes files, and some infect the floppy or hard drives. There are viruses that change the path of the designated location of a file.

Here are list of Computer Viruses that you need to safe guard your computer from:

Resident Viruses, Direct Action Viruses, Overwrite Viruses, Boot Virus, Macro Virus, Directory Virus, Polymorphic Virus, File Infectors, Companion Viruses, FAT Virus, Worms, Trojans or Trojan Horses, Logic Bombs.

Aside from the computer viruses that you need to be aware of, you also need protection from: Spyware Trojans, Identity Theft, Tracking Threats, Bad Websites, Hijackers and other unwanted software that may harm your computer.

Best Security Software

Spyware Doctor - Able to sense or detect, eliminate, block protect your computer from spywares.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus® 2010 - Has an advanced technology that recognize and get rid of unseen threats from the computer. It also has browsing protection, cookie guard and site guard.

PC Tools Antivirus - Protects your computer from cyber threats that cracks in to your computer and achieves access. This security software guards your computer during internet usage. Has the capability of restoring the items that are affected.

PC Tools Internet Security® 2010 - This protects you from web-based phishing, unwanted download, safeguards your email information.

PC Tools Firewall Plus® 6 - This protects and avoid unauthorized access and from interloper and other network transaction.

ThreatFire™ AntiVirus - This security software protects you from identity theft or someone is stealing your data, computer viruses, able to chase and remove threats.

Tips on Buying the Right Security Software

  • Establish what you are looking for in security software before you buy one.
  • Evaluate prices, features and quality of the security software
  • Ask your internet provider if they offer security software that can be included in your monthly subscription
  • Ask business partners if they have tried using the security software that you are planning to buy or you may check customer ratings online to view how reliable to security software is.
  • Be careful in choosing fake security software
  • Avoid getting free of charge version, as it include ads and will speed down your computer


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