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Are you worried about your kids online activity or computer usage or do you own a business and you want to monitor your employees day by day activity?

There is some computer monitoring software that can trace email, internet usage, program installation and other internet usage without the knowledge of others. It may be children of yours or employees that can affect business efficiency.

Do you have the capability to look over your kids every time they use the computer? Would you know who among your staff are spending their time surfing the net? These are just simple questions but it has a large impact on your family or in your business. Monitoring is needed for you to know if they are accessing unauthorized sites or pornographic videos and even dating websites.
Tracing people’s computer activity is essential especially if you have provided them internet access. You can only track them within your border if they are your employee or your children.
What are the usual computer activities or internet access that you need to monitor just for you to have peace of mind?

  • Monitoring of activities done on the computer. You may find some monitoring software that has the ability to perform screenshots instantaneous in a remote computer. You may access real-time screenshots and may see if they are using the computer for browsing bad sites.
  • Sending of email can also be use for stealing data. Email is an open way to send and receive contents with attachments
  • Monitoring and tracing of files that were access by other people, transfer of data going to disk or USB.

Monitoring Software Essential Requirement

  • User friendly, dependable and reliable
  • Easy to setting instruction
  • Efficient tracing ability
  • Software must be licensed

Free Computer Monitoring Software That You Can Download

AceSpy Spy Software Publisher. This monitoring software can provide accurate information on what the other person is doing on the computer and able to block the activity. It provides you immediate email details, websites that had been used and provides screenshots and gives reports through email.

CyberSpy Publisher. This is very controlling and powerful monitoring software. It can record all created emails, conversation done through chat, downloaded sites and surfing done.

Realtime-Spy Publisher. A very advanced monitoring software that allows you to view and access the activity done instantly from anyplace and able to monitor several computers

SpyAgent Publisher. All keystrokes log will be monitor and trace by this software, as in all computer activity that is being done, so no unwanted activity will be hidden from you.

MING Network Monitor Home Publisher. This is an uncomplicated software solution where you can monitor, trace, control and store limitlessly all computer activity. It is able to search by word that you key in and watch the other persons activity

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  • vinod said on March 16, 2013
    for home use not for business. i want to monitor my system which is used at home.. i want to record all doings here..


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