Types of Technology Used in Business

With the technological advancements in communication, information, and computer, the business functions have changed greatly over the years.

Today, companies can make use of various applications, software, and mobile devices.

Whether you’re selling products or services, you will benefit greatly in using the different types of technology.

First on the list is the internet. Most businesses these days maintain an official website. This is one way to enhance global presence. With the aid of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can communicate with your target audience with ease. Even if your co-worker or client is located on the other side of the world, you can keep in touch through chat rooms, video conferencing, and email.

Employees and executives use different mobile devices like smart phones, PDAs, tablet computers, and laptops. With the portability of these devices, workers can stay connected. Applications can be used like GPS locators, productivity tools, etc. This type of technology is widely used by small and large businesses. The mobile device is also available in a wide range of prices, models, and brands. It would be best to pick the model that can meet your budget, needs, and the features you want.

The third technology is the software. Businesses need different types of software. If you don’t want to use the analog signal, you can use the software application called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is suitable for those businesses that need to conduct online conferences and phone calls. You can also get a software program that can handle tasks like accounting, budgeting, communication, translation, etc. With an automated program, you can easily manage your website.

These are only the three types of technology used in business. You don’t have to use of them; just pick the ones that will work for your business. Try to look into the costs involved before you make a decision. Make sure that you consider your business goals to make an informed decision. Not all technologies will work for the business. Why don’t you conduct further research to identify the ones you want to use? In no time, you will see great improvements in your sales or income.


  • Jossy said on June 10, 2014
    How has traditional shopping been affected by the advancement of technology?
    what are the positives of advanced technology in a small business?
    what are the negative aspects of advanced technology in a business?
    how does advanced technology affect a business?
    what are the types of technology used today? and how are they used in traditional shopping?
  • Victor Muinelo said on March 10, 2016
    There's no doubt that technology has managed to accelerate production of many companies big or small. Success has been recorded due to the advancement in technology. Namibia- Windhoek.


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