How does Technology Affect Businesses

The enormous growth of technology that we are presently experiencing and enjoying is through the hard work and research of people who wanted to make things easier and possible. Compare to the recent decades it is not possible for us to send message to our love ones from other parts of the globe in just one click but as the technology evolves, it actually helps us to have an effective communication and saving time and effort.

However, how it actually affect business? Read on to know how technology affects business.

The Technology and Business

Technology is known to affect business in two ways such as via its influence on society and direct impact on business activities and operations. By understanding this we can determine the main effects of technology to businesses.
Influence to Society

Technology has a large influence to society. As a matter of fact, we actually feel its effect on our daily life. It affects the growth of economy as well as the standard of living and our culture. On the other hand, most of its effects are beneficial and some are somewhat negative. It is very important that one must be careful on using technology because it can affect the process of a business.

Technology affects the lives of many people nowadays. It is a fact that we are bounded by technology. It affects us on a way that we don’t really realize that it is already affecting us wherein we cannot live anymore without telephone, transport, water, electricity, internet, cellphones and others. The advancement of technology has also elevated the standard of living. Regardless of many people are unemployed or monetary problems, most people cannot anymore live without using the technology.

Furthermore, technology also influences the basic features of the culture such as the enforcement, laws, language, art, health care, mobility, education and religion. For an instance the advancement of technology can help physicians and other medical personnel to treat patient through the help of video conferencing. This is very beneficial because it lessens the cost and expenses for bringing the doctor to that particular area.
Influence to Business

Just like in running business, technology is also very important to fasten the production of such product. This makes you save time and effort instead of doing the natural way of making a product that may require more time and people. The affect of technology is more of an advantage because communication is one of the gifts of technology. With the help of technology, it is now very possible to contact a person from other part of the globe.

On the other hand one of the downside of technology in business is when the employees are using the technology for their own advantage like using too much cellphone and internet while at work. This can actually affects the business process according to


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