Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Being free from the commands and orders of superiors and having the liberty to manage your own time are two of the many benefits of being your own boss.

How to reap the benefits is simple. There is only one step to take and that is, be your own boss.

A large number of the workforce is dissatisfied with the current status of their employment. Inflexible work hours, routinely doing the same repetitive acts, tight deadlines, stagnation and top that with a nagging boss or supervisor and you got the recipe for a hell for a workplace, these are mainly the reasons why a large number of the workforce are quitting there nine to five jobs in search of greener pastures. Being self employed liberates the workers from the shackles of working nine to five routinely.

The Advantages of Being Your Own Boss

One is flexibility. Deadlines and schedules might still be present but you are now in charge of what time you will work and for how many hours you will work. At first it might take some hard work to get used to but once you are adjusted to the new working conditions, you will be able to enjoy complete flexibility in your working hours and you can now fit into the schedule of your daily routines the activities that you were unable to do before.

Second is more personal time, it has been the complaint of countless workers employed in offices or by others people that they no longer have time for themselves. Being self employed or being your own boss allows you to be in command of your time. The things you want to do but were unable to do before due to time constraints and hectic schedules are now very much plausible. Go trekking, dance, watch a movie, and go on a vacation with family to the beach or someplace you have been planning to or just pamper yourself in the spa all day is within your reach once you are your own boss.
Third, is you reap the benefits of your own hard work. Working doubly hard is not that tasking when you know that the person directly benefited by that extra hour of work is yourself. It is an added motivation to strive hard for every effort will be reflected by the revenues and incentives you will receive from your own hard work. The harder you work the more the revenue you will gain. You are personally responsible for your success or failure. Also, no person is willing to put his financial status in quicksand due to stubborn and poor work ethics.


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