Becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor

Are you someone who knows how to use Adobe software for print-, video- and Web-related applications? If that description fits you and you think you have acquired enough mastery of Adobe software applications, you might be ready for a career not only in front of a computer but as an instructor for a class.

Adobe software products are used in a variety of print-, video- and Web-related applications.

As proof of the product's success and popularity, the company that produces it trades in NASDAQ and is included as Fortune's outstanding company to work.

And now, as much of the world turns to computers and the Internet to perform a variety of functions, there are always employment opportunities for people who know how to use Adobe software for various technical applications. So, many are enrolling in courses that would teach them how to use Adobe multimedia and creativity software products.

Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert

You might be among the many technology wizards who have been fascinated by Adobe software’s applications, drawn to the pursuit of learning how to use and manipulate them, and hooked to some work that makes use of your knowledge and interest in them. If that description fits you and you think you have acquired enough mastery of Adobe software applications, you can apply to become an Adobe Certified Expert. There are three certifications that you can get as an Adobe expert. You can be certified for a single product, as a specialist in print, web or video application, or as Master of an entire product suite. To be certified you must pass relevant exams, of course.

Becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor

Further, if you want to take your expertise to the next level, you can do so by becoming an Adobe instructor. As an instructor, you can independently open your practice or work as an employee of a training organization (which may be an Adobe Authorized Training Center). To bolster your credentials, become an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI). To do so, you must pass at least one exam as an Adobe Certified Expert. In addition, you must have one of: CompTIA CTT+ credential, government-issued teaching certificate or other vendor technical trainer certification.

CompTIA’s CTT+ certification is a proof that one has acquired the required skill to be an instructor. To get the certification, an applicant must pass computer-based and video-based exams. CompTIA stands for The Computing Technology Industry Association, a popular certifying body in the information technology industry.

Having an ACI can help you get ahead of the competition when applying for employment as Adobe Instructor. In addition, it will qualify you to discounts and special prices of software products, make you privy to new software and give you access to educational materials.

For further information on the Adobe certification process, visit Adobe. For further information on CompTIA CTT+ certification, visit the website.


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