Becoming a Speech Instructor

The need to communicate or how to improve on that skill comes as a result of a variety of needs. One may just need to learn techniques to improve enunciation, or he may need therapy to correct a slur.

This is where a speech therapist or a communication instructor comes in. Do you want a career in this field?

A career teaching others how to verbally communicate or how to improve on that skill comes in many names. It is so because the profession can be practiced in many ways – from simply helping others how to be fluent in expressing their thoughts to conducting therapies to help those physically or mentally impaired acquire the skill of speaking. Those who practice the profession may be called speech or language specialist, speech therapist, speech teacher, or speech pathologist. A speech specialist could work in schools, universities, hospitals, clinics and even companies.

Becoming a Speech Specialist

To become a speech specialist, one must earn a degree in speech pathology or any course with a similar training. If you intend to work as a therapist, you must get a state license. A masters’ degree may be needed as well as experience in supervised clinical practice. Ongoing continuing education may also be needed. More stringent requirements are needed to get the nationally recognized Certificate of Clinical Competence granted by the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Teaching Speech to Regular Students

If you simply want to become a regular speech instructor, you can get a degree in English, Theatre Arts, or Communication. You can also get a speech teacher education major, which combines courses in public speaking, communication and education. You can pursue a bachelor's degree after taking this major. In a regular secondary school setting, you’d be teaching students basic speech and effective communication through speaking, listening, and critical thinking, which are basic skills that people should learn to be effective as college students and professionals, later on. In addition, you may be tasked to teach the art and techniques of public speaking, debate and drama. This could require you to organize co-curricular activities like debates, theatrical productions, and variety programs.

Speech Instructor Requirements

As a teacher, you will usually be referred as speech and language instructor, speech and debate teacher, or Communication Arts teacher. Your students may be those who have deficiencies, gifted or average.
You may be required state certification to teach in elementary or high school level. A masters in Speech or related field may be required in college. Teaching experience is preferred in most cases. Employment may be contractual or part-time. According to a full time teacher can earn $42,545 to $66,553.


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