Becoming a Pilates Instructor

Pilates has become a popular form of exercise. Are you one of those who have come to like its slow and low impact exercise techniques? The good news is, you can pursue a career out of this interest. Become a pilates instructor. Know what you need to do to become one from our basic guide.

Pilates has been used as part of many exercise systems and sometimes in combination with the practice of popular fitness regimen like yoga.

It is one form of exercise that may be used to rehabilitate people who have had injuries. You may have enrolled in a pilates class and liked its slow and low impact exercise techniques as well as the strengthening and flexibility improving effects it has on the body in addition to the health improvement benefits it brings. Now, you think you have learned enough to be able to teach others the exercise for their own benefit. How do you become a pilates instructor?

Pilates Certification Training

Fitness facilities, health clubs, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers that hire pilates instructor require applicants to be certified to teach the exercise. Many schools offer certificate courses on pilates training. One of them is the Balanced Body University that has locations worldwide. To enrol in a pilates course, usually, you must meet certain pre-requisites such as experience as a fitness instructor, a degree in sports science, a medical degree, or practical participation in pilates for a specific period. There are courses for starters and for those looking for advanced studies.

Beginner courses deal on the basics of pilates, background to the practical application of the exercise, and mat training. More advanced courses will have instructions on advanced application of pilates, how to operate pilates equipment and how to choreograph a class better. To get a certification, you might have to undergo written work and execute the operation of specific pilates equipment. A basic certification could cost at least $100, advanced certification could cost a few thousand dollars.

Pursuing a Career in Pilates

You can apply as instructor in fitness facilities, health clubs, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Background as physical therapist or nurse is an edge if you are applying as instructor for rehabilitation classes. You may also apply first as an assistant to gain teaching experience under the supervision of a more experienced teacher. Or you can have part-time employment with a studio while pursuing an independent practice. Later, you can work as independent contractor, taking a percentage of what the studio or club you are working with earns. You can also open your own studio or rent another studio per hour for your classes.

According to the Balanced Body University, hourly studio and health club rates for an instructor is from $15 to $40. See pricing for classes and personal training here.


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