Becoming a Movie Star

The glitter and glamour of stardom is something that many people would like to experience. However, it is something that is not achieved in just one night.

That is the reason why you should know how to become a movie star and be admired by millions of fans all over the world.

Discover and Develop Your Talent

In the movie, there are actually a lot of roles that need to be filled in. However, there are only very few and rare roles that are just allotted and made by directors for the movie stars that are fabulously talented and irresistibly charming. If you want to have your very own star included in the famous Walk of Fame, aside from talent and luck, you also need to know the secrets behind becoming a movie star. The first thing to do is to develop whatever talent you have. Try out for school plays or community theater parts, or just anything wherein you can have time on stage. Take lessons on acting as well from a local theater university or company that is accredited or in a studio of a professional actor.

Step Up

The next thing that you can do is to join the programs on performing arts and top dramas in the country such as those in New York University, Julliard School, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern University, North Carolina’s School of Art and California Institute of Arts. Aside from these, you can also try out for low-budget, indie and school films’ audition. There are a lot of sites that you can check out in the net. And during these auditions, expect that there will always be constant rejection. Your greatest allies at this point will be resilience and perseverance.

Take Chances

You can also join Screen Actors Guild, the labor union where most of the major movies get their talents. Many film careers say that you can only become a member of the SAG if you already have a role and you will not be casted in a film if you are not part of the SAG. But one you can actually to do is to know someone who will be able to give a role without second words. Or you might as well take advantage of the points system that has been recently introduced by SAG. You can start as an extra and go to the sanctioned events so that you can earn points and qualify for SAG membership. Or if all else fails, there will be nothing wrong also if you try-out at a cattle call. New talents are always being looked for by casting directors.

Way to Stardom

Another important step on how to become a movie star is to move to either Los Angeles or New York and look for an agent. He will be the one who will get the needed information abut role auditions which can either be from producers, casting directors and the breakdowns, a role’s list that is faxed daily accessible only to members of the union, managers and agents. It will be a bit tough in getting in agent if you are not yet part of SAG and you might also have to make due with a certain manager before you can have a break. You must also have that good look for if you are looking better, it means more buzz. And if you are already there, make sure that your films will be carefully chosen and select roles that will develop your craft more.


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