Becoming a Lactation Consultant

A lactation consultant is a professional in breastfeeding. What he does is supervise and teach the lactating mothers the proper way of breastfeeding.

To become one of them, you have to pass the needed requirements.

Lactation consultant helps the mothers, especially new mothers on how, what and when to do breastfeeding. In order to become a lactating consultant you need to obtain certain degree providing the practical and theoretical factor in the field of breastfeeding. The following things are what you should follow in order to become a lactation consultant.

Tips to Become a Lactation Consultant

The phase is to be employed and to have direct contact or experience in working with breastfeeding mothers. At this moment for those who have just acquired their degree and started job hunting, they should bear in mind that they have the right qualifications in order to be a lactation consultant. It is said that if a lactation consultant wannabe is already engaged to having contact with the breastfeeding mothers, it will be easier to become one of those consultants.

The second phase is for to be oriented by the experienced lactation consultant about the nature of this work. The lactation consultant gives some orientation of what the possible scenario of being a lactation consultant. By doing that, people who wants to be a lactation consultant can clearly foresight what will happen. Patience is the most vital aspect of being a lactation consultant that is most likely to depreciate as you are already in the field.

The third phase is to speak with the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). They are the ones who confirm whether you can become a lactation consultant or not.
The fourth phase of becoming a lactating consultant is choosing your certification pathway. In this stage, you are going to choose among these 5 principle pathways. What makes the five pathways differ from each other? Well, the answer is the number of hours. This number of hours is generated through working with the lactating mothers. You also have to comply with a certain number of hours in order for you to complete your pathway. This is one of the requirements for you to have a slot for the examination to be a lactation consultant.
The fifth phase is still to have more number of hours in the service working with the breastfeeding mothers and their babies. What is the use of providing lots of number hours to fulfill to become a lactation consultant? The answer is just simply to give a long time standard for you to realize the true essence of this kind of job. What they need to become a lactation consultant are those lovers of the work.

And the last one is to pass the examination for a lactation consultant. They say that though you are already a registered doctor or nurse, you can also have the tendency to fail this type of exam since it is difficult to pass so study hard.


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