Armand’s Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Lew Newmyer is the founder of Armand's Chicago Pizzeria. Lew Newmyer spent his youth in Atlantic City and with this, he was inspired to start a sub and sandwich shop. He opened his shop in Washington DC.

Lew travelled to Chicago in 1975 and experienced deep dish pizza and he enjoyed it since there is no store in DC area that is offering deep dish pizza.

With this, Lew together with his sons had spent few months in working with many people in order for them to develop their very own sauce recipe and dough as well.

For twenty five years now Armand’s recipe and menus has become famous and still growing. "Best Pizza" was awarded to Armand’s Pizza by a perennial Washingtonian Magazine. A Washington area favorite is what Armand’s Pizza has been known for. There are about eleven area locations which includes party rooms, full service restaurants, and also Express Delivery stores. Armand's experience is known to be great because of its award winning and unique recipes plus they have friendly staffs.

There are Armand’s Pizza franchising opportunities available and these are:

  • Full Service Restaurant & Bar
  • Express Delivery
  • Cafe, Carryout, Delivery

You have to decide which concept you prefer to franchise, go with the one you think you can start up and manage well. As soon as you become a franchisee, you have to manage your business properly and follow their strategies.

How to Determine Profit And Loss in Your Business

Determining profit and loss of your franchise is very important when it comes to identifying how good or bad that it has performed. There are several things that you should consider when it comes to determining the profit or loss of your business. The following are some of the tips which will help you manage your business profit and loss easily.
Basically, there are two types of cash flow in business and they are known as inflow (profit) and outflow (loss). When computing for your business’ profit and loss, it is important that you determine if a certain transaction belongs to the profit side or the loss side.

Your business’ income measures the total inflow of the money. In other words, all the money that gets into the business is considered as income. Receivables, interest, or all the transactions that generate money in favor of your business are included in the income side. Expenses such as rent, salaries expense, utilities, and all the transactions that cost the company are included in the expense side. After determining your business’ income and expenses, you will then be able to prepare the profit and loss statement. You do this by subtracting the total expenses from the total income.

Having a negative answer means that your business has incurred loss. There may be some things that you did not do well. As a franchisee, you have to see to it that you follow all of their rules, strategies and business plans in order for you to see to it that you’re managing the franchise well and in order for you to earn a lot. Positive value in the difference of the total of your income and expenses indicates profit. If your business has performed well, there is no doubt that you have gained profit.


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