Aerus Franchise Opportunity

The Aerus franchise opportunity is here! With its mission, “to help families create homes that are healthier, safer and more inviting”, Aerus can provide prospective franchise owners the chance to be part of this family that is the best in terms of service provision.

These services are a wide variety – breakthrough innovations such as air purification (with the use of HEPA air purifier with filtration of UV rays), floor cleaning systems, and allergy and odor control formulas.

Since its establishment in 1924, Aerus has been a big name in terms of providing families with an environment conducive for healthy living. At present, it has over 500 franchised units all over North America. Through its Aerus Healthy Home Consultants, it has educated over a million of clients on how to have a better, healthier and a well-lived life.

Franchisees are given prime value in the Aerus Franchise family. It is because Aerus believes that the individuals forming the entirety of the family are the ones who have actually realized the vision. So, what are the qualities of Aerus which has enabled it to make it big in the franchising industry? Here:

  • Passionate. People from Aerus are passionate in implementing its mission and carrying out its goals.
  • Professional. With its experience and knowledge, a high standard of service is ensured.
  • Accountable. You are assured that people from Aerus are responsible and can be relied on.
  • Innovative. It provides the latest and the most up-to-date technology.
  • Eco-friendly. Aerus is concerned with the environment and so, it only offers products which are safe not only for people and animals, but as well as to the planet.

The Aerus franchise opportunity does not require specialized knowledge in home living, products or even in the environment. Moreover, as a franchise owner, you will not be required to have previous experience in sales. However, as one, you will be provided with training necessary that will help you in the operation of your own Aerus. This is in conjunction with instructional DVDs as well as training materials. While most franchisees are a team of a husband and wife, this is not necessary. You can go solo if you want!

The time frame of the return of investment is relative. This usually depends on the skills and abilities of the franchisees to carry out and implement the systems and strategies provided for by the Aerus management. Also, the development of an effective and productive staff and a team that will handle the sales are key factors in the generation of revenue per month.

Becoming a franchise owner of Aerus entails a process. The franchise approval committee takes care of all applications for franchise. Likewise, it is in charge of reviewing the application and is the one that determines whether a franchise should be awarded to an applicant. Awarding and approval of application also depends on the availability of the targeted location. A first come first served basis is applied. The application usually takes from about one to three weeks to complete. This is because the committee conducts a routine background and credit check on the applicant.


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